How to contribute to RealWorldGraph Media

We're interested in your news, content and ideas from the frontiers of location intelligence and investing

RealWorldGraph Media media creates original content and curates shared news and perspectives on location intelligence in real estate and retail investment.

There are 3 ways your organization can gain coverage with or contribute content to RWG:

- Send us your official media releases and RWG will provide earned coverage to stories with a clear location intelligence angle;

- Agree to be interviewed by our writers and RWG will produce Q&A pieces, industry perspectives and more in collaboration with your location intelligence thought leaders; and

- Contribute original content to RWG. We can also remix your organization's existing blog posts etc. for the benefit of RWG's audience.

Getting started is easy. Just shoot a note to

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Scott Valentine, Editor

Scott is a prolific editor specializing in B2B tech. His work has appeared with Forbes, the WSJ, Thomson Reuters, the Guardian, VentureBeat, the CBC and many more. Scott's clients include top retailers, analytics companies and investors. As a marketing and communications executive, Scott has been part of $1.5 billion in exits, and counting.